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IT Support & Maintenance FAQs

Zooble Technologies operate a complete out-sourced IT Support & Maintenance Solution, which will be detailed in-depth in your IT Support Contract, as agreed and signed off with yourselves. However here are some frequently asked customer questions about our Support:

Will someone be able to help me straightaway when I call for IT Support?

YES. Our IT Support contracts are handled by IT Technicians who will try to resolve your issue straightaway often while you are still on the phone. We do not employ any non-technical staff. If the call is not able to be resolved straightaway, then we will escalate the support call upwards to the next level, who will call you back within the hour for non-urgent IT Support issues.

This ensures that you are not left waiting to get on with your work and results in minimum business downtime for you.

Can I call your IT Support line even if I only need advice on how to do something? (ie. not particularly an IT fault?)

YES. When you take out our IT Support contract, this also includes help and advice on ALL IT issues pertaining to your business activities, so if you're stuck with excel and don't know how to do something, then call us and we'll be happy to give you advice. We're not saying we're experts in every application who is? but we can often point you in the right direction on how to do things even if we don't know the exact answer, and we can most often tell you the easiest and most efficient way of using your IT application.

Do you support our printers, scanners etc?

YES if your IT Support contract specifies this. We can provide a mix of remote and online support packages whereby we can flexibly arrange for someone to call and support your physical equipment on-site without increasing your annual contract charge. However, if we can provide remote guidance to your users in order to resolve the problem, this often is enough.

Will you support staff equipment such as smartphone connectivity or tablets

YES if your IT Support contract specifies these are a requirement of your business (and your Policies and Procedures permit staff use) – this will be discussed, agreed and documented so that you are certain of your exact IT Support details.

We have bespoke software applications – will you support them as well?

In most instances your IT Support contract will include ALL your business-critical applications, not just server and desktop operating systems and office software. However, with bespoke software applications you will most often have a support contract with the supplier of that software, in which case we can liaise with them directly to resolve any issues and take the hassle out of having to interpret theirs and your requirements to enable successful resolution.

Do you pro-actively monitor our network or do you wait for faults to arise?

Depending on your exact IT Support contract specifications, which are fully detailed and agreed with yourselves, we are able to pro-actively monitor your network using software applications to ensure that we can quite often resolve any network server issues BEFORE they occur, keeping your business downtime to a minimum, most likely zero!

It's in our best interest also to ensure that your network remains stable so that we reduce time-consuming IT Support calls that could have been prevented in the first place. Contact us now to speak to our Network Consultants on how we can ensure your network remains up.

Can you keep us up to date with the latest patches and operating system/application patches?

YES. Depending on your specific network we can ensure that updates are applied to your servers and desktops as required this can be configured to update automatically or on a scheduled maintenance contract. If you work night-time or evenings, then we can even install them out-of-hours if needed.

Can you deal with our hardware warranties?

YES if you can provide us with documented details of the applicable warranties then we can liaise with the manufacturers to ensure that any IT equipment still under warranty is dealt with quickly and efficiently.

When you sign up to our IT Support contract we will carry out an in-depth evaluation and documentation of your network so that we can effectively provide support.

You will also be assigned named high-level Support contacts.

How do we contact you for any IT Support issues?

There are several ways you will be able to contact Zooble Technologies for your IT Support issues by telephone, by e-mail and through our bespoke IT Support Portal.

If you use our IT Support Portal we can ensure that this is as quick an experience as possible for you, often configuring an IP pass-through so that we can be sure where and who is asking for support. If your IT Support contract is purely remote and you telephone for assistance you may also be asked for specific authentication details this is to ensure total security.

Will I be charged extra if you need to be on-site to resolve any IT Support issues?

This will depend on the nature of the support issue and what your IT Support Contract has been agreed on. Server issues that cannot be resolved remotely will ALWAYS benefit from a free on-site visit so that we can get you up and running as soon as possible with minimum business disruption. However, a PC that refuses to boot may just need to be swapped out with the guidance of our telephone support the solution you require will be discussed and tailor made to your business requirements.

However, when you have an IT Support contract with Zooble Technologies you benefit from low price call-out charges when not included in your specific contract and any hourly or daily rates will clearly be detailed in your contract.

Our contracts can be highly flexible, so if you have a specified one day a month on-site support day and you need this earlier due to any failure or support issue then we can often swapout the days so that it does not cost you extra or you could "bank" X amount of days to be taken as and when the need arises.

Do you offer "out of hours" support if needed?

We can discuss this when drawing up your bespoke IT Support contract details as this will obviously depend on the out of hours' time period involved. Quite often your named contact will be available to assist in times of emergency. Our customers can testify to this level of unprecedented customer care as we all know that these things happen sporadically and at the worst possibly times!

What are your IT Support response times?

Quite often even with a one hour "response time" specified in your IT Support contract we will be able to resolve your support issue immediately.

We know that quite often IT Support companies specify a "30 minute response time" just to get you signed up this then amounts to quite often sending an automated "We've received your support request and will get back to you as soon as a technician becomes available" type e-mail that then counts as their "30 minutes response"! Zooble Technologies will always respond to you personally within the timescale specified within your agreed IT Support contract but quite often immediately whilst on the telephone! See our customer testimonials as to our rapid support response.

Of course timescales to resolve are dependent on the severity of the IT fault or issue.

How do you prioritise your IT Support call level?

We will specify Fault Levels within your detailed IT Support contract. However, we will also agree specific priority levels by agreement with yourselves when you report the fault. We will usually know exactly how your business and network works - and therefore be able to accurately provide for business-critical contingencies in order to keep your business up and running.

Can you help our business with IT Strategy, Policies and Procedures, Business Continuity Plans etc.?

YES we can provide a FULL IT Support, Consultancy and Maintenance plan for your business, ensuring that your business complies with current legislation requirements. The level of support that we provide for your business will be agreed, documented and signed off in your IT Support contract.

If you need to enhance your IT Support contract to include extra support requirements, including the above, then we can easily add this to your contract at any time throughout the term, giving you TOTAL BUSINESS FLEXIBILITY just let us know your needs.

Zooble Technologies aim to work with your business long-term, and we know that in these economic times your business can quite easily grow (or shrink) and therefore you need your outsourced contracts to be flexible enough to adapt to these requirements, including taking advantage of new technologies that can help your business take off!

We can offer you a FULL "one stop shop" IT Support and Maintenance contract, which includes involvement in strategic decision-making; hardware, software and consumable procurement (through Zooble-Direct offering you discounted prices); configuration and installation to site; ongoing maintenance as part of the IT Support contract.

How do I know I'm picking the right IT Support company?

We are so confident that we are the best IT Support company to support your business that we are happy for you to approach any of our existing IT Support Customers for a testimonial to our excellent services. Testimonials from the companies can be found on our website Testimonials pages.


For professional IT Support that costs less than you might think, contact us now to discuss your requirements, and let us resolve your IT support and maintenance issues by providing you with a single point of contact for ALL your IT issues!